Steve & Kerri Kennedy

Steve and Kerri were living in Toronto when the Toronto Blessing was first poured out in 1994. Although Steve was all in, it took Kerri a little longer to be convinced. (Many years in fact, lol).  But, in 2015 when Mike and Somer invited Steve and Kerri to join with them in planting a ministry in Brandon, Kerri responded without hesitation before Steve could even comment. 

Married in August of 1987.  These were troubled years for the newly weds as Kerri struggled with her identity in Christ and as a young mother of now two young boys.  After an evening of a spiritual tug-of-war, Kerri relinquished control of her life to Christ.  Immediately upon that decision she was called to be a Salvation Army Officer, something which she did not want, but knew now battling with God was not something she wanted to do. She said yes. Steve's mountain had now just moved. The family were accepted into The Salvation Army College for Officer Training in Toronto in 1993 and were commissioned two years later. Three more children would be added to their family over the next eleven years as Officers.  In 2006 feeling the call of God moving them into a different area of ministry they resigned and became Family Camp directors at Christian Enrichment Family Camp in Manitoba, now known as Rock Lake Ministries where their paths crossed with Mike and Somer. 

Steve, born as the last of four children into a christian home in Kingston, Ontario. The family were faithful attenders and heavily involved in The Salvation Army. His Mom had a great impact on his life by exposing him to many other streams of the Church including attending an event by Kathryn Kuhlman.  These opportunities created a great hunger for God and the things of the Spirit within Steve as a child. He went on to attend college and received his Computer Programmer diploma in 1987.  As an adolescent, Steve knew he was called to be a Pastor and The Salvation Army seemed to be the natural choice.  However, there was a mountain that needed moving before this could see its fulfillment. He hadn't told his wife about his call.  

Kerri was born into a Salvation Army christian home in Peace River, Alberta; the oldest of five siblings. Unlike Steve growing up in one community, Kerri had the many provinces of Canada to call home since her parents were Salvation Army Officers who moved every three to four years on average.  Immediately upon graduating from Vancouver Christian High in 1986, the family moved to Kingston, Ontario where Steve and Kerri first met. 

Steve and Kerri are pastors at heart who long to see the children of God step into their identity as sons and daughters experiencing deep intimacy with their Father and living from that place in their daily lives. 

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